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Friday, November 16, 2007

OS2006 redux

Well, my experiences with OS2007HE were less than good so lets try Os2006 again.

First, flash from Windows using the Nokia wizard then, before enabling wifi, install fanoush's hot fix from the mmc card (Kingston). Power down and restart before enabling wifi.

Mike Saunby's x11vnc for Nokia 770 and N800 from:
This is a .deb file and does the actual install.


For it2006 you can grab your copy with the application installer: Launch up application manager (tools/application manager). From the menu, choose tools/application catalogue and press new button, then fill in the following:

Web address
Distribution mistral
Components main

Then close the catalogs dialog and press ok to refresh the list of packages. Now you are ready to install, choose install new applications from the main view and osso-xterm should appear under Applications. If you already have a version of osso-xterm installed, use "check for updates" instead.

Eko One then App Mgr install becomeroot. To use sudo gainroot.

osso-status-bar: should be able to just install from App Manager.

GPE File Manager: Cobb and install.

Leafpad: Maemo Garage (new gregale)

still to do: ssh access, Python